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I am a professional Guitar player, Teacher and NLP coach. I am originally from Italy and I've been based in London since 1997. I bought my first guitar around the age of nine but I started playing it regularly when I was fourteen. I haven't stopped playing since.   I have played with Boney M (Mazie Williams) Junior Giscombe, Glenn Goldsmith, Jeffrey Daniel and countless cover bands and duos in Italy, London and around Europe for almost two decades. I have a BA Hons degree in Pop Music Performance obtained from The London College of Music & Media and Creative Technologies.   I am also an NLP Practitioner and Coach. Certificate signed by John Grinder (One of the two Co-Creators of NLP).   I have written, recorded and produced all the music you can hear as background on the pages of this website. Enjoy your stay!

Guitar Lessons, Creative Playing and Music Production

Guitar & Music lessons

I specialise in the following:
- Creative playing and Songwriting. You can listen to some of my recordings as background music on this website. (Be patient, it might take a little time to load.. :-)
I like the idea of learning by being creative about the process and I love to help people find their own way to play/learn/teach themselves.
I teach and coach people of all ages. I specialise in Electric Guitar, rock, pop, R&B, Heavy Metal, Funk, Fusion, Folk and Acoustic.
- Music Harmony and Theory.
- Music Production.
- Acoustic Guitar and chord melody to advanced level.
Visits can be arranged, I am CRB certified. Online lessons (Skype) are available too.
Contact me for more info and rates.

RGT Exams

I am a member of The RGT, Registry of Guitar Tutors Registry of Guitar Tutors.
I can help you prepare for all the grades exams.  


Demos and Music Productions

I write Music and help people to write and create their own compositions and develop a personal style.My little recording studio can travel with me all around London and I can help you create and produce your own Demo, Backing track or Background Music.
A few of my advanced guitar students have written and produced their own music with my system and the results were so good that I’ve decided to offer this service to Singers/Songrwriters who don’t want to spend too much money and have a good quality product without setting foot out of their own premises.
I use a MacBook pro, Logic Pro 9, a Motu Ultralite soundcard. I have Audio Technica and Sure Mics for singers.
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My music

Coaching and NLP

I love to bring the best out of people. I grew up with that desire long before I knew anything about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching.

I am a certified NLP practitioner. My certificate is signed by John Grinder (One of the two NLP co-creators).

This is how I can help you:

- Enhance creativity
- Get rid of mental blocks and bad habits
- Discover and develop your unique style
- Improve your live performance
- Putting yourself in the best state and stay "centred" during performances
- Performance anxiety (stage fright)
- Career decisions
- Align your goals with your values
- Building success plans

Feel free to get in touch and let me know in what other way I can help.

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